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Why Microbicidal?

In sterile environments, such as hospitals and doctors' offices, it is important to prevent Staph and MRSA infections. There are chemicals and commercial disinfectants out there to help fight these infections, but these chemicals can be toxic and may weaken the body's natural defenses.

A much safer and more effective way to kill these infections is with a Microbicidal Paint called Paint Shield.

Paint Shield's Microbicidal Paint carries an EPA Certification and guarantees to kill the bacteria within 2 hours of initial contact and will continue to kill bacteria for up to 4 years after installation.

Commercial disinfectants and bleach do not have the same effect as Microbicidal Paint, as they only reduce the amount of bacteria present.

Even thought bleach is often recommended by doctors as a universal disinfectant -- using it carries serious health, safety, and environmental concerns.

Paint Shield Microbicidal Paint is not only safer, but more cost effective as it will continue to fight infection for years to come!