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Why GEI Painting?

All of our painting projects start with a primer.

Primer improves the surface for paint to adhere to, making it last longer.

The primer seals in tannins, grease, smoke stains, and other impurities to ensure that they don’t bleed through the fresh coat of paint.

Primers both seal the surface and help paint bond to it, making the finished product much more attractive.

We start by determining the condition of the existing paint coat, and if it is soundly adhered and not chalking out, you can probably use just one to two coats of good quality product.

If there are any signs that the current coat is failing, you must start with an appropriate primer. Signs of a failing coat include chipping, flaking, and feeling chalky to the touch.

Our team at GEI Painting is specially trained to identify these signs and in devising the best plan for your painting project.

Our professionals will work with you, ensuring 100% satisfaction!

Contact John McClelland at GEI Painting for  your next residential, commercial and/or institutional painting project!